Heaven know's

Huwebes, Oktubre 1, 2015


You just leave without any say...but it's ok i understand. Noong una it hurts but then as days goes on i was able to understand and try picture out the why and why. I tried to justify every possible reason and yet i did. I was able to let go of everything. Yes, I cried but things goes right... the pain has been gone and now I am facing a new chapter of life without you. All i can say is THANK YOU coz my feelings for 8 years has been justified and i was able to release it. I was able to let you feel the love that i want you to know, that for 8 years just here in my heart. Yeah i am sad because we came to an end but at the same time i m happy because i did it. All the WHAT IF in my life has been gone. Though you hurt me pro still the happiness prevails...I am happy now with my own life...taking the new path with my kids. THANK YOU because you heal the pain...God is really good, always and forever. I can face you now with my heads up...nothing is hidden in my heart. Your memories remain...the laughter's that we shared and all those stupid things that we did. The smile on my face resemble whenever i remember you...those happy moment and even the sad once. You've been part of me since i met you and now I'm trying to go on my life with out you. Thank you for those 6 months of wonderful memories of you, 3 months of uncertainty and 3 months of undefined feelings. You've been a great of help in my emotions..those heavy rains and storm of my life...but as the sun is starting to shine you've been gone but i understand. There is a reason for everything. It is all part of God's grand design. I LOVE YOU and be happy.

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