Heaven know's

Martes, Nobyembre 6, 2012

...I had a feeling and an instinct that someday we can be, but i do not know when and how? Maybe if not in this world, if possible can we meet in the next life? It is heart breaking to think of it....but i can't undo the past...if out of time, i could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that i have lived, I'd pick the moment i met you!

What if we meet in the time that there's no complication... the time when I'm free and free of everything??? ayyy here I am again... well, anyways that's life...Good luck for our life and take care of your heart coz you know who's in there...

Alam mo bang ikaw nalang ang kulang para maging kompleto ang buhay ko...But in reality in this world no one is perfect and no life is perfect...that's why hindi ka binigay ni Lord. That's why we are just like this... I accept the fact...and I'm happy to be just this way that i can still see u...  magcompose nga ako ng song...kaso matagal matapos, tingnan ko lang...maybe it takes 5 years to finish the song grabeh...bilangan nalang ng years.

How can i forget "when the only sounds i hear is the beating of your heart".