Heaven know's

Huwebes, Abril 14, 2011


"Destiny decides who you meet in life but only your heart can decide who got to stay in your life"

To the person i considered my soul mate...
I know i cannot prove my love to you anymore...
My life is already complicated... i have to stand by it and live my life to the fullest to continue believing that life is wonderful.

I know from the very start that i will love you..
From the moment i met you
But my life is very complicated that moment... i cannot decide base in my heart but base in what i see and what i believe is right... I want to decide to choose you but you've said not because of me but you decide for your self...and indeed i make my decision... even though my heart is yelling ... Ipaglaban mo naman ako pero wala eh... para sa akin wala na akong magawa... Mahal kita subra...

Until the time has come... while i'm walking at the aisle I'm thinking of you God knows while my fiancĂ©e is waiting at the altar and be united with me.... I saw faces of our common friends and my tears fill down...I texted you before i go down in my car...and just replied "ok" but in my heart said "please stop me in doing this"... then, i said maybe this feeling of mine will be gone when i live this man in front of me...

I thought i can forget you...and i never thought i could love you this much...
5 years had passed but still you owned my heart... 
I know this would be forever...

How could i say goodbye to you my dear soul mate... When in my heart you're the one i ever wanted

"It's hard to wait around for something you know might not happen...but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you ever wanted."

Love Letter

To you my soulmate...

Bakit ba napakahirap magmove-on
Kahapon ngayon at bukas ay ikaw parin
Sa isip bago matapos ang araw 
at kahit sa panaginip ikaw ang nasa isip

For years i fall on you
Kahit minsan di ka nakalimutan
Kahit alam kung kahit kailan ay hindi na maging tayo
Hindi ko ka parin mabura sa puso

My heart belongs to 
noon paman at hanggang ngayon
Kahit iba ang nasa ang tabi 
ikaw parin ang nasa isip ko

Unfair man sa kanya 
gusto ko mang maging honest 
pero di ka magawa 
dahil alam ko masisira anumang mayron kami

Alam ko hindi maitutuwid ang isang mali 
sa isa pang pagkakamali
alam ko darating ang araw magmahal ka muli
makakalimutan mo rin ako