Heaven know's

Lunes, Agosto 25, 2014

Only me & u

I know you have that feelings of urong-sulong...to pursue or to forget but it is hard to...Well, this is just a sort of advice take it from me. I've been in this feelings even before and i was able to handle this patiently. I was able to manage my feelings despite of everything... I did not think nor threat my feelings as "mali" or never that i said to myself that this is wrong, because i believed there's nothing wrong with my feelings, nothing wrong with my heart and mind...i can go think and i had leave my life normally with you in my heart in mind despite of my situation, as i said, i could love you even in a distance...distance in a since that i cannot be with you but my heart belongs to you. So, to avoid having urong-sulong feelings threat yourself that nothing wrong with your feelings it is normal...just think that "may pinagdaanan lang tayo"...that we are in the process of something... Still i believed everything happened for a reason..i have fear in God and i leave also in God's word...that's as i said to you there's nothing wrong. wrong if somebody knows and think it is wrong...for some broad minded people who knows what we have gone...throughout our life...as long as you know what is right..there's nothing wrong. Believed that this happened because God has a plan...and my conscience is clear that nothing had gone beyond...we are on the process..kung saan man papunta ang lahat...I lift up everything to God. No matter what??? i am quite sure that i'll remain kung kaya ko noon na mag-isa alam ko makakaya ko rin ngayon if ever you choose to hang me up or leave me in this process. I respect every decision you've made...I'm just hoping that if you will decide... it is for the better... Yes, hug and kiss is just a resemblance of our feelings...just to show and put into action whatever is in our heart.. to let it be done.. Thanks God because he allows me to let you know and feel how much i Love you. God gave me time to let you feel how much i care. I always Love you and i know this will be forever. Again, let me remind you that we are just on the process don't think na "MALI" coz for me there's nothing wrong, we just tried to used the last card of this journey called LOVE. I risk everything just for us to go on and be ok. If ever this card will not work at least i don't have regrets coz i've done my part. This is my last card!!!