Heaven know's

Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012


Just praying that one day everything will be ok... I'm not praying for my past to be back... I'm praying for both of us to be ok...that there will be no pain... when times come... I said let us face this rather than hiding it because the more that we can't let go if we keep it in our heart..Times had proven it...This is TRUE LOVE..we did not want this... it just happened...I just want to let you feel how much i love you so, we can both let go, so i will not regret in the future for not letting you know. I'm not holding you back...All I want is for us to move - on, I did not pray anything for both of us or claim to God for the two us...There's no US in the making and no US in the future but there is US today to fix our hearts to be ok...coz I know there's no way to be back. I want to be ok...You don't have to worry coz I'm not dreaming... You don't need to hide yourself to move -on coz i know where i stand...I know where i belong..and I know who am i now. We need to work together to move - on, we need each other for this to work out...Your circles saying to Move-on, forget, no contact, no messages, be busy, enjoy and be happy so you can move-on. You knew already we did it... years had proven it...no contacts, no calls, no text, no FB messages, we even not see each other for how many years but yet our hearts remain...I need your cooperation, I can't do this alone...Almost 7 years since then...but if in case you've change your mind and take the opposite, I understand... it will be fine for me but i know it will takes time for me to let everything go by...i'll just wait in God's time...Just hoping that you'll be fine too...and no regrets for what we haven't do...

Really God knows I'm praying for our HEARTS and not beyond... Hope you understand...I'm not giving up yet...someday God will hear my innermost prayer...

“Prayer has been fittingly compared to the heartbeat of physical life: it never ceases. Luther says: ‘Where there is a Christian, there is the Holy Ghost, who is always engaged in prayer. For though the Christian does not continually move his lips to utter words, nevertheless the heart is beating and pulsating, like the arteries and the heart in the body, unceasingly sighing: O dear Father, may Thy name be hallowed, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done among us and all people, etc. And as the attacks trials, and troubles press and crowd harder, also such sighing and begging becomes more urgent, even audible. So, then, you cannot find a Christian who is not always praying, as little as a living person is without a pulse, which never rests, but beats continuously, through the person may be sleeping or is occupied otherwise, so that he is not aware of its beating.’ (St. L. VIII:363.)” (Pieper, Francis, Christian Dogmatics, Vol. III, The Christian Life and Prayer, pp. 76-77.)
Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner.
God is always good and we are in his hands. +JCJ