Heaven know's

Huwebes, Oktubre 29, 2015

Don't worry my dear friend. I learned to accept the fact and I'm not expecting you anymore... I know you will forget me and I do, maybe it's not now but soon or maybe we cannot forget but to just consider that what we have is just a drop by of our journey. I'm fine if you forget, as if nothing had happened and as i said I will always understand. God gave me a gift of understanding and I am very grateful for that.

Huwebes, Oktubre 1, 2015


You just leave without any say...but it's ok i understand. Noong una it hurts but then as days goes on i was able to understand and try picture out the why and why. I tried to justify every possible reason and yet i did. I was able to let go of everything. Yes, I cried but things goes right... the pain has been gone and now I am facing a new chapter of life without you. All i can say is THANK YOU coz my feelings for 8 years has been justified and i was able to release it. I was able to let you feel the love that i want you to know, that for 8 years just here in my heart. Yeah i am sad because we came to an end but at the same time i m happy because i did it. All the WHAT IF in my life has been gone. Though you hurt me pro still the happiness prevails...I am happy now with my own life...taking the new path with my kids. THANK YOU because you heal the pain...God is really good, always and forever. I can face you now with my heads up...nothing is hidden in my heart. Your memories remain...the laughter's that we shared and all those stupid things that we did. The smile on my face resemble whenever i remember you...those happy moment and even the sad once. You've been part of me since i met you and now I'm trying to go on my life with out you. Thank you for those 6 months of wonderful memories of you, 3 months of uncertainty and 3 months of undefined feelings. You've been a great of help in my emotions..those heavy rains and storm of my life...but as the sun is starting to shine you've been gone but i understand. There is a reason for everything. It is all part of God's grand design. I LOVE YOU and be happy.

Huwebes, Agosto 20, 2015

August 15, I expected to see you on that especial day that you've set. I believed in you and so i expect but sad to know that nothing happened. I told you "kung puede ba magkita ta" but no reply but yet i waited. Now, I'm trying to fixed myself to be ready on the next outcome of this. I should not expect but I believed in you and I love you. Well, anyway I'll be fine someday...Yes, I need you in this downfall moment of my life. Still now i am wondering why? what happened to us, What's wrong? What have I done! Because i really believed in you...I am so amaze the time when you confess to the priest on what we have and yet he gave his blessing to you and advises. Now i don't know, what happened? So, now maybe i was being designed by God to be alone and live my own. I pray to God Almighty to bless me and guide me always on my journey... now I'm going to take my board exam. And if i passed my board exam...apply in public and teach in K11 and 12. My friends told me I am in demand in public "ilogan daw ko" because my course really fitted in the demand. IT/TLE is in need. If God will allow i can settle myself and live a happy life. I believed God never promised us to have a good journey but He promised us to have a good destination. Maybe you're not my destination yet and my destination is myself. God is good!

Linggo, Hunyo 21, 2015

I love you

10 mos. of happy moment but recently you're different but whatever your reason is...i will respect it. I am just here. Now you texted me not so often, i texted you but you're not replying...maybe just have a pause in life. Or maybe you want to take a break but if ever this will be the start... i want you to know how thankful i am that i have you...thank you! I love you...whenever you don't like me anymore or you've come to realize that its not me whom you want in life. Its okay and don't worry i can handle this. I will remain the same... I'm trying not to call or to text you, I'm trying to stand in my own feet, trying to be strong.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 17, 2015

It's been 10 mos of having you, officially we've been. Yes, we do a lot of things together, expressing how we value each other and sharing the joy and laughter. I've been so happy deep within...if only i could show to the world but sad because its not the norms. I am the deviant, do i? 10 months of feeling I am successful in the field of love, in my passion of love. Successful because i was able to share the joy of my heart whenever you're around, the pumping and beating of my heart is so fast. I Love you, yes i do. So much happiness because you know better than me, you know when I am sad and you know how to make me smile. Sharing those jokes and laughter and did those stupid things ...those memories that i could bring it 'till my life last. Calling you "Myluvs" is simply showing that you own my heart. I am so amaze of your gesture, on how you show your love to me, when you're chasing me in the kitchen and kissing me and hugging me tight as you go near to me that i can even feel your heartbeat, when you hug and put my hands around your neck and kissing me gently. Your the Love of my life and a sunshine in the midst of my stormy life. You're the rainbow that comes up in the midst of the rain. You are my God's instrument for me to overcome all the hardship in life, all the struggle and not giving up. You are my strength the moment when I'm so down. So happy seeing you happy. Accepting for who i am. How my heart melts when i saw you playing with my kids. The time when you're cuddling my little one. Because of that a BIG THANK YOU to God for having you. My love for you is real, nothing can compare. But if ever someday you will change your mind and even if the time will come that you will realize and wake up... that I'm not your journey in life, that i am just a drop by of your journey, then it will be fine with me as long as you are happy. I LOVE YOU and God really knows. I don't know if we will last, but if not... I want you to remember me this way: Remember me happy listening to the music you've send as my tears full down, when I'm so sad and you made me smile. Remember me when we laugh together in a couch with that stupid words. Remember me the way I LOVE YOU. When it comes to an end, I want you to remember the beginning, the first and all the first time of me not the ending. I LOVE YOU

Lunes, Enero 26, 2015

God knows everything. I can't hide anything from God. I confess to God... I believed it is God's will why everything happened. My life journey is quite not simple, i passed in a bumpy road, zigsag road.. hoping that after this very rough road of my life is a clean ang peacful life. I'm still on this moment, what a very sad that i need to passed this way. But thank you God coz you're there with me, you hold my hands as i passed my way. You provided with the tight person in every situation. Now I'm facing with very deep and a very downfull moments of my life. But you never leave me...