Heaven know's

Lunes, Pebrero 27, 2017

Just look at the bigger picture... I'm sorry Graveh! As of now i don't want to see you in any place, unless we can settle things.. I need to talk to you to close everything that i need to close. I don't hate you, I don't have regrets for what had happened. In fact i thank you for what you did really is for good. But hope we could talk to finally close and never look back again, lets move forward and have a life that we desire. I realize it now, once you've found your soulmate will remain your soulmate. Even you've been through pain...even he/she hurt you that much, even he/she leave you for a reason, even without communication but then in the end you find yourself loving him/her, and that is me...end up loving him. I believed Love will prevail even your not living together, even if he/ she has others...and that is unconditional love. It is really overwhelming to have found a soulmate, really a lucky one. Dreaming...dreaming of you. Maybe because i have unfinished business with you? or i don't know basta i dreamed of you not just once but 3 or 4 times in a month. I've been like this even before, even those times that you were in dubai...even when you were in Africa. I learned to embrace this situation. I learned to love without condition and that is because i found you. One time I see you in a place. I never thought you were there. When the guard open the door and let me IN i saw you in the counter...oh my God my heart bumps and quickly turn back and suddenly go out. I said to the guard sorry I forgot something. So, i walk and cross the street, quickly get inside the church and inhale and exhale...the girl at the other side looking at me, maybe my actions or the way i look is really different...mura ko ug nag blush, i felt the heat in my face nag ulan man tana to. I'm not contented being just inside the church so i proceed to the adoration room just to make sure nga dili taka makita. So, I stayed an hour staying at the adoration room while i pray of not seeing you. Then, i went out after an hour...ug sa dihang pastilan when i go out the gate sa church magtagbo napud ta because your on the other side of the street so, i quickly find ways, I quickly cross the other pedestrian lane pastilan, what a life but those are just the bumps of my heart. Still hoping to talk to you! I don't know when...I know it will come.