Heaven know's

Linggo, Oktubre 21, 2012

You said you love me so much..

You said you Love me sooooo much but I think I love you much more than you do...but even though whoever is more ang importante we was able to experience it. Ano nga bang halaga noong Love na 'yon kung hindi na malayang maipadama??? What's the essence of TRUE LOVE when it not free to express???may halaga paba? Is it improtant to be together just to express those Love??? puede naman segurong mahalin ka ng nasa malayo??? kasi yon lang ang kaya kung gawin...Why it has to be me???

TRUE LOVE, no one knows except your heart...it just happened accidentally, in just a single flashing and throbbing of the heart...no one could ever tell...I just want you to remember even though we're not together...we went in separate ways but we LOVE each other...I've been trying to divert my feelings but i really cant...it would be forever...even you will LOVE another but my LOVE will remain...

Can u hug me tightly within 10 seconds?..don't release me until 10 sec is over... I MISS YOU