Heaven know's

Miyerkules, Setyembre 21, 2011

It was a perfect day... and i feel good, hope this process will continue. Many days had passed...days becomes week and weeks turn into months and months into years... my life is full of emptiness, something is missing although God is always with me. There were times that i just cried in his shoulder without any reason and there were times also when i just set down and moment tears falling down...i just wonder why? So many questions had come to my mind but since December 31, 2010 i discovered why? all the why has been answered and its because of you. Thanks for that time... although it is so painful but i know i can handle at least now it is very clear. I never thought it would happen... but God has given me courage and love to moved - on and left the past behind. You don't have to worry...I'm ok now.

If only I know how to manage this blog in the year 2006... i know i can tell more than i do. Those time when i needed someone to listen and spend my sadness with. Year 2006 when everything turn into reality...One of our common friend gave a dog and she named it in yours...it was ridiculous but in the house I didn't call him the way they gave his name. How could i forget..when that moment i want to evaporate. 2007 when i wanted to talk to you but sad to know that time is not really ours. 2008 when you wanted to see me but i said i think i'm not ready yet... i don't know at that time even to utter your name could not be possible my  body is trembling...it seems that there is something in you that makes me feel that way. 2008 you've given me a book kaso 2009 kuna nabasa coz i did not open it...until you ask me to.. but since that time that i read it there you're back again...But you know what ever since you're always visiting me in my dreams kaya noong sinabi mong soulmate seguro tayo nakumbinsi na ako. Kasi bigla ka nalang susulpot sa panaginip ko...2010 when i met you again but sad to know ..that was the time when something happened to your family...but that was my realization of everything. Now, everything is clear...2011 this is the time of facing the reality and accepting the fact...releasing all the sadness and pain...pain to let the past go by and move on to a new life. 5 years is over...but my memory still fresh the time when we're calling each other in the airport until my 2 cellphone got lowbat, it turns into empty bat and then you've texted me again call back but i read it very late already...the time when i read it the plane is up in the sky....tears flow by and by...

THANK YOU for the time...for making me feel that way even for a moment i felt your sincerity...really you made me feel... GOD IS GOOD