Heaven know's

Huwebes, Agosto 20, 2015

August 15, I expected to see you on that especial day that you've set. I believed in you and so i expect but sad to know that nothing happened. I told you "kung puede ba magkita ta" but no reply but yet i waited. Now, I'm trying to fixed myself to be ready on the next outcome of this. I should not expect but I believed in you and I love you. Well, anyway I'll be fine someday...Yes, I need you in this downfall moment of my life. Still now i am wondering why? what happened to us, What's wrong? What have I done! Because i really believed in you...I am so amaze the time when you confess to the priest on what we have and yet he gave his blessing to you and advises. Now i don't know, what happened? So, now maybe i was being designed by God to be alone and live my own. I pray to God Almighty to bless me and guide me always on my journey... now I'm going to take my board exam. And if i passed my board exam...apply in public and teach in K11 and 12. My friends told me I am in demand in public "ilogan daw ko" because my course really fitted in the demand. IT/TLE is in need. If God will allow i can settle myself and live a happy life. I believed God never promised us to have a good journey but He promised us to have a good destination. Maybe you're not my destination yet and my destination is myself. God is good!