Heaven know's

Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014

Munting Pangarap

Thanks for the gift of life, for giving me Lord another inspiration to go on living. I am now happy and contented with my life.... i just want to work hard for my family and for the future of my two babies...Thank you for bringing them into my life. They are my inspiration. Thank you so much.. I am so thankful Lord for all your blessings in life. Thank you for the good health of Louie and Xam, for the gift of life, for the love & support of their father, for my house, for my car, for the gift of life that keeping me alive, for the money that i've spent in my whole life, for my safe travel everyday, for the food that we eat, for the water that we drink and for the air that w breath....and many more to be thankful... Though my babies Lord has a problem coz my blood is not compatible with my husband blood..my first baby has Henoch–Schönlein purpura vasculitis...LORD I NEED YOU IN OUR LIFE..but they are so pretty and handsome..HELP ME GOD Pangarap ko ang gumaling sila sa anumang sakit mayroon sila ngayon...and live a long life.