Heaven know's

Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2012

Things happened in different way...I'm on my way...way to become more mature who can manage my own feelings and my life. This goes in different way...I'm moving and my only wish is to make my life memorable while I'm still alive. Life is so short, my mother died a month ago...no one knows until when we gonna live. Goodbye...I'm doing this for myself....I'm trying

Don't you knw that the time when my mama died, I've been waiting for your call even though I know it won't happen...I'm still longing for your comfort...for your little words of comfort but i know you will not do it... i have hesitations  in my mind, i don't want to think of you but hayyyy what a life would this be... I need another outlet of my feelings I want a new world... i want to exit... but how??? how could i exit from this situation... I don't want to bother you anymore....Talaga lang naman subrang sakit ang aking nararamdaman...kung puede palang maamnesia so i would forget everything...