Heaven know's

Lunes, Disyembre 24, 2012

Jst want to say Merry Christmas..
I Love you

Linggo, Disyembre 16, 2012

I'm here in the terrace over looking the sea
Birds sings as they swing the branches of the tree
Stream are making their sounds as the water falls into thee
Lovely to spend with someone special for the rest of the day.

(These are the words i've made wen i was in duka bay(December 14, 2012 around 6 a.m.) watching the ocean afar, enjoying the beauty of nature
.... watching the seabirds fly...)

Linggo, Disyembre 9, 2012


I'm Sorry for being me... for being sooooo makulit...Sorry for disturbing you always in FB, kung seguro if i can still text you sinamukon ta gihapon ka...pacensya coz i did not realize your side. Maybe I'm too trying hard to be ok... I'm so focus on myself...As i said all i want is to be ok...until now nasasaktan parin kasi ako...I'm too SELFISH...

I'm enjoying my life and I'm so thankful to God for the things that i have....people see me as my life is full of colors, the smiles i bear and the laughter i've shared is really believable...iba lang kasi pag kasama ka pero as i evaluate myself i know just a part of it is not ok...Let that part will just be at ease..stay there forever...I'm fine..the whole package is ok...the whole dress will not be destroyed if just part of it got a stain...I can move-on tanggap ko na that we cannot be friends...I want you to be my friend kaya ganoon nalang ka super kulit na hindi naman pala puede...kaya super kulit din ako sa FB always giving you messages, even just a simple hi! or just like this (: or this <3......But mind you, there's no one would ever do this to you except me...ako lang naman ang super kulit na nakilala mo..sorry coz you've encountered once in your life a person like me..from now on I'm not going to disturb you anymore... thanks for your time that even I'm a torture to you but still you gave - in pinagbigyan mo pa rin ako...You will still answer my call and some of my text messages and FB msg.


I want you to know that I'm not using any excuses...maybe nagkataon lang seguro... and I am stronger enough....I thought i can still fix a broken glass but now i know once it has been broken...8s really broken..hayyy buhay..SORRY FOR LOVING YOU...I'm on my way... I always make promises to myself but most of the time i failed when it's about you ...Hope this time i will succeed...I'M MOVING ON...that's a promise..really???

Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012


Just praying that one day everything will be ok... I'm not praying for my past to be back... I'm praying for both of us to be ok...that there will be no pain... when times come... I said let us face this rather than hiding it because the more that we can't let go if we keep it in our heart..Times had proven it...This is TRUE LOVE..we did not want this... it just happened...I just want to let you feel how much i love you so, we can both let go, so i will not regret in the future for not letting you know. I'm not holding you back...All I want is for us to move - on, I did not pray anything for both of us or claim to God for the two us...There's no US in the making and no US in the future but there is US today to fix our hearts to be ok...coz I know there's no way to be back. I want to be ok...You don't have to worry coz I'm not dreaming... You don't need to hide yourself to move -on coz i know where i stand...I know where i belong..and I know who am i now. We need to work together to move - on, we need each other for this to work out...Your circles saying to Move-on, forget, no contact, no messages, be busy, enjoy and be happy so you can move-on. You knew already we did it... years had proven it...no contacts, no calls, no text, no FB messages, we even not see each other for how many years but yet our hearts remain...I need your cooperation, I can't do this alone...Almost 7 years since then...but if in case you've change your mind and take the opposite, I understand... it will be fine for me but i know it will takes time for me to let everything go by...i'll just wait in God's time...Just hoping that you'll be fine too...and no regrets for what we haven't do...

Really God knows I'm praying for our HEARTS and not beyond... Hope you understand...I'm not giving up yet...someday God will hear my innermost prayer...

“Prayer has been fittingly compared to the heartbeat of physical life: it never ceases. Luther says: ‘Where there is a Christian, there is the Holy Ghost, who is always engaged in prayer. For though the Christian does not continually move his lips to utter words, nevertheless the heart is beating and pulsating, like the arteries and the heart in the body, unceasingly sighing: O dear Father, may Thy name be hallowed, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done among us and all people, etc. And as the attacks trials, and troubles press and crowd harder, also such sighing and begging becomes more urgent, even audible. So, then, you cannot find a Christian who is not always praying, as little as a living person is without a pulse, which never rests, but beats continuously, through the person may be sleeping or is occupied otherwise, so that he is not aware of its beating.’ (St. L. VIII:363.)” (Pieper, Francis, Christian Dogmatics, Vol. III, The Christian Life and Prayer, pp. 76-77.)
Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner.
God is always good and we are in his hands. +JCJ

Huwebes, Nobyembre 22, 2012

There's no time had passed in my life without thinking of you. From sunrise to sunset... even just before i close my eyes in the evening...even in my prayers and in my dreams... really, you occupy my heart and my mind. Thinking of you reminds me that life is amazing.

Linggo, Nobyembre 11, 2012

...she begun to wonder, what will happen if, just by chance, she should run unto you...

Do you believed in Platonic Friendship??? But I think there's no such thing as platonic friendship when two people attract each other...

There is never a time or place for true love... No one could be blame...its not your fault why she feel in love with you or why you fall in love with her. Maybe we're just victim of the situation...You are fortunate enough that you fall in love. I believe true love is unselfish..unconditional... Can we just be happy for the one that we Love??? I knew Its difficult to be happy when u knew his the only one who can make u feel that way, but life must go on... To be happy is an option... Yes, It is easy to say but deep within...u can't pretend. HAPPINESS is easy to spell but it has a deep deep profound meaning...just like when you will say move - on... it is easy to say but difficult to do...only time can tell when to move on and when to let go....How i wish  heart will be just like a traffic light that when it turns into green it is time to let go... 

Sometimes I cannot understand... why can't we just be thankful?  Can we not say Thank you for loving me in that way? ... Its just that... that was what i feel.. i cannot blame myself nor tell my heart...I'm sorry if i feel this way... don't hate me...minahal lang kita but you're not committed to me... you are free...free to do anything you want in your life.

"I didn't say i love you just to hear it back...i just  wanna  make sure that you knew"...go on with your life, don't be bothered...I'm not a hindrance..I'm alright...I'm ok... I can manage and I can take care of myself..

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 7, 2012

In Love With You (with Jacky Cheung) lyrics
Just a gentle whisper, tell me that you'd gone
Leaving only memories, where did we go wrong?
I couldn't find the words then, so let me say them now
I'm still in love with you
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me, and I'll be there
I'll be there waiting...
I will always love you, I will always stay true
There's no one who loves you like I do
Come to me now
I will never leave you, I will always here with you
Through the good and bad I will stand true
I'm in love with you
Now we've here together, yesterday has past
Life is just beginning, close to you at last
And I promise to you, I will always be there
I give my all to you
Living life without you is more that I can bear
Hold me close forever,
I'll be there...

I'll be there for you
I will always love you, I will always stay true
There's no one who loves you like I do
This I promise...
I will never leave you, I will stand here with you
Though the good and bad I will stand true
Hold me closer...
Our love is forever, holding us together
Nothing in this world can stop us now
Love has found
Love has found a way ...
I'm in love, I'm in love
Yes I'm in love, so in love
I'm so in love with you....

Martes, Nobyembre 6, 2012

...I had a feeling and an instinct that someday we can be, but i do not know when and how? Maybe if not in this world, if possible can we meet in the next life? It is heart breaking to think of it....but i can't undo the past...if out of time, i could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that i have lived, I'd pick the moment i met you!

What if we meet in the time that there's no complication... the time when I'm free and free of everything??? ayyy here I am again... well, anyways that's life...Good luck for our life and take care of your heart coz you know who's in there...

Alam mo bang ikaw nalang ang kulang para maging kompleto ang buhay ko...But in reality in this world no one is perfect and no life is perfect...that's why hindi ka binigay ni Lord. That's why we are just like this... I accept the fact...and I'm happy to be just this way that i can still see u...  magcompose nga ako ng song...kaso matagal matapos, tingnan ko lang...maybe it takes 5 years to finish the song grabeh...bilangan nalang ng years.

How can i forget "when the only sounds i hear is the beating of your heart".

Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Let us enjoy the moment that we're together...Let us be happy that we was able to experience this...my heart is with you, my heart belongs to you, you knew that...we cannot turn back the time...let us be grateful, not regretful.

All i want is to enjoy while i can still be with you, while i can still see u and while i can still hug you. I know for sure time will come that we cannot be together and if that moment will come i know it is very heartbreaking in my side but i understand you need to love another...a person whom you can spend the rest of your life. I want to enjoy the moment while you can still be with me...and while you still in love with me, while our hearts still met and the beating still the same...i cannot be with you forever in your side though my heart will be yours forever but in person it cannot be coz you need to settle down of your own...I will not think that now saka na kung moabot na ang time...but for now i want to enjoy and make memories together with you. Please be with me in this moment...

My Love, you will always be in my heart no matter what...I did not regret everything in fact I'm so happy that I was able to let you know how much I love you. You're the best thing ever happened in my life...the best memories I could rekindle... Nothing can compare for my love for you... not even the person in my side you knew that.

When I'm with you I'm at peace, the comfort that you can gave, the love that you could share with me is awesome.  I already admit I'm so in love with you but we cannot deny the fact... But whatever I'm so Happy already that i can still see you and hug you, for that very short moment I'm so grateful. I thank GOD for meeting a person like you, where my heart beats....

Sabado, Oktubre 27, 2012


Huwebes, Oktubre 25, 2012

Yesterday when i ride a multicab going to my home somethings happen. Naunsa man pud nga nisakay out of my mind nilapas ko ug wala jud sa akong huna-huna nga hapit nako niabot sa ampayon. Pagkanalang balik nalang ko sa agi... i did not notice talaga...blanko akong mind, ayyyyyyyy i don't know nihapit paman tana ko ug simbahan tapos gusto ko sulod adoration kaso lang murag close na coz its almost 7pm, tapos sakay nalang ko ug multicab going home. Heavy lang jud ako feelings yesterday nagkapatong-patong na kasi ang gulo ng puso at isip apil na sa work, pero God is good nakabalik rapud ko sa ako agi and i reach home safe...

When my heart is so heavy last night i just pray to God and God is good because while I'm sleeping I dreamed of somebody who held my hand that makes my heart felt so light. Eventhough dili man kau nako makita ang face but so thankful that i felt good.  When i wake up in the morning...I'm fine. God is really good He's always there when i needed him most...LORD, thank you for everything...i always need you  as i continue struggling for life in this world...happy man ko or sad...in trouble or good... in good health or in bad I always needed you...

Linggo, Oktubre 21, 2012

You said you love me so much..

You said you Love me sooooo much but I think I love you much more than you do...but even though whoever is more ang importante we was able to experience it. Ano nga bang halaga noong Love na 'yon kung hindi na malayang maipadama??? What's the essence of TRUE LOVE when it not free to express???may halaga paba? Is it improtant to be together just to express those Love??? puede naman segurong mahalin ka ng nasa malayo??? kasi yon lang ang kaya kung gawin...Why it has to be me???

TRUE LOVE, no one knows except your heart...it just happened accidentally, in just a single flashing and throbbing of the heart...no one could ever tell...I just want you to remember even though we're not together...we went in separate ways but we LOVE each other...I've been trying to divert my feelings but i really cant...it would be forever...even you will LOVE another but my LOVE will remain...

Can u hug me tightly within 10 seconds?..don't release me until 10 sec is over... I MISS YOU

Miyerkules, Oktubre 17, 2012

I'm happy that i met you..

Maybe i'm crazy...sometimes i think am i normal??? I put myself in a bind, the beating and throbbing of my heart every time you held my hand . Every time i met you the feelings are all brand new. How to justify those feelings??? I did not want this to happen and for sure nobody would want this in my situation. It is hard to believe and it is scary... and i felt threatened but I'm happy coz you feel the same.. The throbbing of your heart i heard every time you will be closed to me. The pumping of your heart... it is hard to breath coz we're so overwhelmed. Ahhh i don't know how to express and i can't defined it. If only I'm free to express those feelings....

I don't know why these happened to me. I don't know what's the purpose of God to let me feel this way.  Of all the people why it has to be me...I've been trying to forget you.  I think of so many reasons and many valid reasons for me to let you go but every time i do it is squeezing my heart...it breaks into pieces... and then i tell myself maybe those reasons are not enough..

You're the only person who can make me crazy, Nakapagpagulo ng isipan ko, nagpapakaba ng puso ko, nakapagpatorete sa buong buhay ko, at syo ako nasaktan ng subra-subra. You're the one who can make me smile kahit walang matinding dahilan. Every time we've met there's something that i cannot explain ...and every time that we will be apart it's heart breaking... 

Hope we can always be happy without a commitment..that we will just allow ourselves to be loved and  to love. Magtiwala nalang tayo sa puso at kay God... can you ask God why??? ako nagawa ko na 'yon... Whatever his purpose be it done... i leave everything to him...

We will just help one another to move - on and just be familiarize of our own feelings...kumbaga maanad rata sa situation. This is relly Love forever...TRUE LOVE..that everything changes except the feelings that we had. Let us support one another la naman ta ana mahimo..seguro kung puede palang but-an ang heart ato na siya gihimo rather than to suffer this pain... One thing  for good in this situation is that i experience TRUE LOVE. ganito pala ang magmahal  without condition, whoever he is, whatever he takes basta mahal mo lang. Money cannot buy Love & happiness nor any material things in this world could exchange... I'm so happy that i experience this with you. I LOVE YOU.
THANKS GOD and thank you for loving me too...kung saan man tayo dalhin ng Love na ito...let it be...God is with us and I'm praying...

Lunes, Oktubre 15, 2012

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Why it is difficult to argue with the heart...Why it had to be you! bakit ba laging ganito ang hirap labanan. Another year had passed 6 long years but still you owned my heart and hirap nman nito.... Which in fact I had so many reasons to let you go... but still my heart won't do it... hayyyy buhay how would it be.

As I also said to myself I'm moving on... I always said goodbye too... it is easy to say but in deed its difficult...still i can't... i will just leave everything to God. I offer my heart to him. La nako mahimo hands up napud ko... i did everything to forget you to let go of you but still those things are not enough..

Times had passed so easily but the heart beat doesn't change...i thought my feelings would be diverted to someone i have but its not... I just prove that once you've given up your love it cannot be given to anybody else...

You make me smile...you make me feel so sad...you make me inspired...you make me in love. Ikaw lang naman nag nagpapagulo sa isip nag papatorete........hayyy ang gulo ng buhay ko.

Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2012

Things happened in different way...I'm on my way...way to become more mature who can manage my own feelings and my life. This goes in different way...I'm moving and my only wish is to make my life memorable while I'm still alive. Life is so short, my mother died a month ago...no one knows until when we gonna live. Goodbye...I'm doing this for myself....I'm trying

Don't you knw that the time when my mama died, I've been waiting for your call even though I know it won't happen...I'm still longing for your comfort...for your little words of comfort but i know you will not do it... i have hesitations  in my mind, i don't want to think of you but hayyyy what a life would this be... I need another outlet of my feelings I want a new world... i want to exit... but how??? how could i exit from this situation... I don't want to bother you anymore....Talaga lang naman subrang sakit ang aking nararamdaman...kung puede palang maamnesia so i would forget everything...