Heaven know's

Linggo, Disyembre 9, 2012


I'm Sorry for being me... for being sooooo makulit...Sorry for disturbing you always in FB, kung seguro if i can still text you sinamukon ta gihapon ka...pacensya coz i did not realize your side. Maybe I'm too trying hard to be ok... I'm so focus on myself...As i said all i want is to be ok...until now nasasaktan parin kasi ako...I'm too SELFISH...

I'm enjoying my life and I'm so thankful to God for the things that i have....people see me as my life is full of colors, the smiles i bear and the laughter i've shared is really believable...iba lang kasi pag kasama ka pero as i evaluate myself i know just a part of it is not ok...Let that part will just be at ease..stay there forever...I'm fine..the whole package is ok...the whole dress will not be destroyed if just part of it got a stain...I can move-on tanggap ko na that we cannot be friends...I want you to be my friend kaya ganoon nalang ka super kulit na hindi naman pala puede...kaya super kulit din ako sa FB always giving you messages, even just a simple hi! or just like this (: or this <3......But mind you, there's no one would ever do this to you except me...ako lang naman ang super kulit na nakilala mo..sorry coz you've encountered once in your life a person like me..from now on I'm not going to disturb you anymore... thanks for your time that even I'm a torture to you but still you gave - in pinagbigyan mo pa rin ako...You will still answer my call and some of my text messages and FB msg.


I want you to know that I'm not using any excuses...maybe nagkataon lang seguro... and I am stronger enough....I thought i can still fix a broken glass but now i know once it has been broken...8s really broken..hayyy buhay..SORRY FOR LOVING YOU...I'm on my way... I always make promises to myself but most of the time i failed when it's about you ...Hope this time i will succeed...I'M MOVING ON...that's a promise..really???