Heaven know's

Lunes, Enero 18, 2016

Can i hug you again???? hope the feelings is gone...
I'm sorry if i drag you with my problem. It's not my intention...sorry dahil ako naman ang nauna, ako naman ang hanap ng hanap sayo dahil may gusto lang akong mapatunayan and to prove and to express what i have feel towards you. It's quite time and I want to have you, to let my feelings will be express and it's done, i made it and i am done. I am now ok trying to move forward bearing the feelings... what i have now, I felt satisfied and a little feelings of guilt...I am a God fearing but I'm sorry because I've done wrong to you. I'm sorry because i used you to go out in my shell...ang masalimuot kung buhay...though its not my intention but quite it seems myself to be blame pero ang lahat ay may dahilan... I'm sorry hope you forgive yourself too and forgive me too. Everything has purpose i ask forgiveness to God about you and i felt so sorry for. But you knw what i haven't confess it to a priest yet until now dili pa nako kaya mo confess and still dili pako mangalawat...i will just wait for the time nga ready nko...again I'm sorry.