Heaven know's

Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

Hi, I know that sometimes what happened will flashback in your mind for sure because that’s what happened to me and as we knew we have same feelings even before. I’m glad that we have come up to this feelings that even me I can’t explain why it happened but the best thing for me is I experience the real feeling, the gentleness and the tenderness of your care as it reaches in the hypothalamus. The happiness that I’ve never experience before and real love that nothing can compare and it cannot be explained. How I wish I could be at your side and still hoping that I will end up my journey with you and wake up one morning with you in my side. But I knew those are just a dream. Just wait me in Singapore, hehehe…joke lang. Those memories that cannot be forgotten even I’ve done so many things for me to be ok, I thought I did it well. I thought I can forget you or maybe not to forget you but to forget the feelings that I have for you. I have so many hesitations before to communicate with you or even to see you because I am not free anymore and I am afraid if the feelings will grow. But as I hesitate and force myself not to, it draws me more nearer with you; though we are very far from each other that love grows deeper and deeper. I know you have hesitations too coz I can feel it. We did not nurture that Love which in fact it is a torture to us. But what can we do? I cried so much again as I went home. Sorry because I am about to flare-up I cannot drive back to my house. I stayed there quite some time and regain my energy. The following day early in the morning I leave a message to you coz my heart really ached and it numbs again so painful but as I leave you the message I felt relieve a little bit; days goes on and I live in a normal life again. Life must go on as I said to myself… trying to convince myself that I am okay that everything is okay. But really God answered the calmness of my heart. Don’t be bothered of what had happened just leave it in your memory that one day you have me. You can go on as what you’ve said you will move – on and don’t make me as a hindrance of your dreams to have your own family. Though it hurts but I can be happy seeing you’re okay. Now, I realize that we cannot be as simple as a friend. Your presence makes me happy even just by holding my hands secretly and how much if we could display those love, affection and care. How I wish you could teach me to do firing at that moment I knew we tried to avoid drawing near with each other because for sure people around will notice the sweetness that we can be. I agree with you now that we cannot be in one place as I convince you to stay. Proceed to Singapore just wait me there ahaha… in my dreams. Who knows what if I can go there. Well, just go ahead basta I Love you so much from the bottom of my heart hypothalamus. Wala lang, is just that nothing can compare to the happiness I feel when I’m with you. Lastly, I would like to request and remember this is a request. Please we will not go back to the way we are before as we agreed. Just take everything as normal. Just pretend that nothing had happened. Ok rako…basin ma bothered ka… We will just leave it on the air…life must go on myluvs…you remain in my heart forever and ‘til my last breath. Just go and be free. I LOVE YOU!

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