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Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Its really a horrible day for me... I can't imagine my face the moment when someone tried to carnap my car. I said carnap coz there's no reason why someone's trying to get in my car attempted to choke and hold my shoulder so tightly that i come up struggling to get out my car shouting for help...To the people who was able to heard my voice - THANK YOU, to the tricycle driver who stopped their tricycle that coz traffic in the road that causes the man run and released me..THANK YOU, to mommy Mae who assisted me while i am trembling, look so pale, when i can't talk coz i'm so nervous - THANK YOU, to the police who investigate - THANK YOU, to my concerned friend and to you THANK YOU for calling...even just to hear your voice is enough.  And above all to God Almighty that he never left me, he is always guiding me everyday, every minute of my life, every seconds he is there. The presence of mine, energy to fight...and for making me strong. I AM SO GRATEFUL

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