Heaven know's

Martes, Oktubre 4, 2011

I've been bringing u in my heart for how many years...5 years...Tears are the witness...i spend time in thinking of you. Loving you with all my heart without expecting in return. It is just there resounding silently and now i just knew that you are a becky and at the same time adonis? A bisexual???I don't know how to react that the man in my heart is a person of two faces. It will not really set in my mind....I just smile but i don't know...of course it is hard to confront you and i will not do that too...I just bear it in my heart. I've tried to recall the things that we have done and all your doings today...I'm not sure...but how it happened in case you are .I don't know? You've loved me diba! But we have the same heart? Are we? "Kabaro pala kita". I don't know if my feelings would change, maybe i can answer it someday...i will just listen the beating of my heart if something has change in it. Maybe i can love you as a friends nalang? pero paano what would happen to my feelings. A feelings that i keep it for many years, where i cried so much and dreamed of you most of the time. It almost make my life incomplete because of you and then now?????? is this real?????? What a life????

Since you've been away...i haven't seen you for many years. I'm still longing for your presence, my heart still belongs to you. But i don't know now... i really don't know...maybe this will be an answered prayer but hopefully not in this way....I can let you go... In fact i already gave you my blessings to love another woman that  would love and cared for you forever. A woman of your heart...a woman who's desire is to make you happy. But what happened???? I really can't believe this man??? I can't really imagine a man in my dreams has to faces.... that he is capable of loving a girl and a man??? a becky???? Hope you are not????? Maybe if you are, someday i can accept coz that is still you. There's nothing wrong with being a becky...only i just loved you, minahal lang kita being my man...

Forever friends nalang...BFF????But i will wait for the time to set in my mind

How would this be??? I'm still hoping that it is not true....

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